Advanced Imaging in Hand & Wrist in Common Rheumatologically & Traumatic Conditions
Mikael Boesen1

1Radiology, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospitals, Frederiksberg, Denmark


The lecture will show the conventional ways of imaging most common rheumatically and traumatic conditions in the hand and wrist and show the potential added value of new 3-dimensional and multi-parametric imaging technologies like dynamic contrast enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI), PET-CT and PET MRI, ultrasound, dual energy- and conebeam CT of the hand and wrist as promising methods to complement the imaging portfolio that adds further to the understanding and quantification of the pathophysiology, inflammatory load and morphological disease patterns in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriasis arthritis (PsA), crystal deposition diseases (Urate and CPPD), osteoarthritis (OA) and trauma.


Thank you to Lars Boesen for sharing image case examples

Thank you to Image Analysis Group for providing software DYNAMIKA to analyse DCE-MRI data

Thank you to Felix Müller, MD PhD-studen, Department of Radiology Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen University for sharing image case example from Dual energy CT

Thank you to the board of directors, department of radiology and the Parker institute, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, Copenhagen University for supporting my research

Thank you to Research technician Janus Damm Nybing and senior consultant, MD PhD Philip Hansen for supporting my research


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Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med. 26 (2018)